The Future of Farming is Here...

Safe, Fresh produce is our priority

In 2019 alone, over 2.4M lbs of food were recalled in the United States —conventional farming is risky.


Soil-free approach

By removing soil from the growing process we have virtually eliminated the risk of harmful contaminants.

Controlled Conditions

From humidity, temperature, and water usage to nutrients, sun exposure, and CO2 levels it is all regulated by master growers.

Organic Tomatoes

Quality Check

Unlike conventional farms, we harvest only when each plant is prime — preserving flavor and freshness.


HintFarms™ veggies are grown locally for local markets — giving them a shelf life 14 days longer than imported produce.

In the Supermarket
Image by Dani California

Growth Cycle

Our advanced vertical, hydroponic process allows veggies to fully mature in 29 days without using chemicals or GMOs.

Zero Waste

By converting damaged veggies and cardboard packaging into nutrient-rich compost we can plant vibrant botanical gardens in local communities. 

Black Soil